Jun 24, 2023

Glass balcony and balustrade designs to inspire you

Date: 29 August 2016

A glass balcony can add so much to a building – a beautiful focal point, an uninterrupted view to the outside world, the added feeling of light and space, reduced wind noise, not to mention all the safety benefits that go with having a quality architectural glass structure.

There are so many options to choose from. Frameless glass, tinted or frosted glass, a steel handrail, minimalist steel clamps or chunky wooden baluster posts – the choice is yours.

And whether you go for a simple Juliet balcony or a grand and sweeping terrace balcony, the right glass balustrade will be a real asset to your property.

There are even more benefits of a glass balcony when it comes to commercial premises. A glass balustrade combined with glass floors can create a beautiful upper level walkway.

Glass balustrades may look delicate, but in reality they are incredibly strong. Trusted commercial glass suppliers like Peterlee Glass will only ever use the best quality toughened glass in the construction of a glass balcony. For even greater strength, toughened laminated glass can be specified – worth considering in areas where there is a high risk of injury in the unlikely event a glass balcony shatters.

A glass balcony can actually be a safer option than a traditional balcony railing, as the glass forms one continuous, solid frontage. There are no gaps in railings where children can get their heads stuck or small animals can slip through.

If you’re thinking of enhancing your building with a glass balcony or glass balustrade, check out these beautiful installations carried out by Peterlee Glass – you could find inspiration for your own project!