May 30, 2023

Gates of wrath: Brighton residents say Soho House plans block sea view

Ubiquitous, if not quite as exclusive as it once was, the private members’ club Soho House has no fewer than 41 venues around the world. It is, however, inevitable that as it continues on its path to world domination, it may ruffle a few feathers along the way.

That's certainly the case in Brighton, where plans to erect wrought iron gates at its beach club have upset some of its neighbours.

The two-storey Brighton Beach House, which has art deco interiors and a banana-shaped swimming pool designed by the artist David Shrigley, has two upper-deck buildings separated by a gap of ten metres. For the club's neighbours, that affords them a valuable sea view. But Soho House wants to put up a pair of two-metre-high