May 01, 2023

Woman shouts & bangs on man’s home gate after he refuses to give her the red door decoration hanging from his door

"This one give me," she told him

SINGAPORE: A random encounter with a woman who insisted a homeowner give her the red paper decoration hanging from his door resulted in a TikTok that's now gone viral.

At first, speaking in Chinese, the woman asked for the wedding decor on the door quietly enough but quickly raised her voice and then, even more alarmingly, started banging on the TikTok user's home metal gate.

"Always stay calm when you meet demanding people," wrote jB, who goes by @cmon_jb15 on the platform.

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And he did indeed remain calm, asking her, ‘No, who are you?" "Why are you trying to force entry into my property?" and "Why do you want this?" in an even tone despite the fact that the woman got more and more agitated.

"This one give me," she told him.

The woman may likely be dealing with mental health issues.

Since the interaction was partly in Chinese, some commenters provided a translation.

One netizen told jB that the woman had even used a vulgar word.

Some commenters appeared to be impressed at how well the gate held up against the woman's "rigorous" attention.

Others also wrote about his gate and digital lock.

In one comment, the post author said the woman had been polite at first.

And in another comment, jB wrote, "Society needs more awareness and care for such people."

He also said that the police arrived after he called them.


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