May 21, 2023


Plus releases from The Dark Side Of The Moon, DevilDriver, Gonemage, and Veil of Maya



This week's new heavy metal releases include a band doubling your pleasure (or pain?), black metal meets Pokemon battle noises, and more! To the metals…

Genre: Metalcore/deathcoreOrigin: Chicopee, MassachusettsLabel: Rise

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The Acacia Strain are going heavy Use Your Illusion here as they are dropping not one, but two albums today. Vocalist Vincent Bennet offered the why of two records here. Short version is that they were recorded at separate times and have different vibes. One is slow and sludgy (Failure) while the other (Light) is swift and punishing. Choose your side.

Genre: Technical death metalOrigin: San Diego, CaliforniaLabel: Metal Blade

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Speaking of swift and punishing, the latest onslaught from Cattle Decapitation is just that. Some melodic moments are peppered it, but this is largely the heavy, dynamic beast that Cattle Decap always are. Apparently Travis Ryan was shooting for more of a "daylight horror" sound here to contrast Death Atlas. Both seem dark and heavy in every way, but what do I know?

Genre: Cinematic/symphonic metalOrigin: GermanyLabel: Napalm

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Now we're taking a turn and really leaning into the melodic on Metamorphosis. With members from Feuerschwanz, Amaranthe and Ad Infinitum coming together, you can expect to be treated to the grand and catchy. Also, if you were looking for some harp in your metal this week, look no further.

Genre: Groove/melodic death metalOrigin: Santa Barbara, CaliforniaLabel: Napalm

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In 2020 Dez and the gang started to deal with demons on Dealing with Demons Volume I. Well wouldn't you know it? There are apparently more demons to be dealt with, so they're back with Dealing with Demons Volume II to finish up the double concept album. A bit of the band was swapped out since the last record, so hopefully this crew are better dealers. Chad has a full review here.

Genre: Black metal/chiptuneOrigin: Dallas, TexasLabel: Self-released

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If you ever wanted to hear black metal infused with Pokemon Red/Blue-esque battle noises, I would say that's a very weird thing to want. However, you'd be in luck! That's what you're getting on Astral Corridors. If you dug Cara Neir's Phase Out, you'll have a lot of fun with this.

Genre: Progressive metalcore/deathcoreOrigin: Chicago, IllinoisLabel: Sumerian

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Concluding this week with the super heavy, the super technical, and the super technological (or something). Veil Of Maya are hitting you with their classic deathcore pummeling and lots of synth too. This might be their most sci fi feeling album yet.

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