Sep 08, 2023

Limited services after Silver Key catalytic converter thefts

Courtesy of FOX21's Photojournalist, Sean Scott

by: Alina Lee

Posted: Jun 7, 2023 / 08:29 PM MDT

Updated: Jun 7, 2023 / 08:29 PM MDT

(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Silver Key is once again turning to the community for donations after many of its vehicles had catalytic converters stolen in late May.

It was a problem Silver Key thought was solved back in 2021 when thieves stole many of its catalytic converters.

The community rallied, answering the call for help through donations.

"A lot of different parts of the community came together to figure out a solution to keep our fleet from being vandalized again," said Jason DeaBueno, CEO of Silver Key. "We were able to install a fence and security cameras [and] different lighting to be able to deter anybody coming back."

Even with revamped security, the thieves were back again– this time, stealing catalytic converters from five company vehicles.

DeaBueno told FOX21 News the criminals cut through the metal fence, bending the wires to create a hole big enough to climb through. The day before that, another person was caught on camera jumping the same fence to steal catalytic converters.

The damage will cost Silver Key and its partner agencies Envida and Fountain Valley Senior Center up to $40,000 to repair. Now with limited resources – it means services are limited too.

"We partner together to make sure that older adults have access to their health care appointments… to the community events… transportation services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities…. What that means is it takes away our capacity to serve and get those people to much needed care…," said DeaBueno.

With many of its senior citizens and those with disabilities having a harder time getting to doctors appointments and family functions, Silver Key is looking to the community once more for help. You can donate or register as a volunteer, here.

"That's why we’re looking for donations and for volunteers that will help us get through this moment in time," stated DeaBueno. "I do hope at some point these individuals are caught and adjudicated for the crime that they’ve done."

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